Stationary Engines

These are various engines that I have restored over the years. Hover over an image to see more details

Amanco Hired Man 2.25 hp
Amanco Hired Man No 129028. Manufactured late 1914. Petrol.
Amancorestored Restored with new conrod,valves, ignitor, pushrod
and fuel tank, repairs to crankshaft, new valves
seats etc.
IHCMthumb IHC M 3 hp SOLD IHCM No 20508. Manufactured 1920. Petrol/Paraffin.
IHCMrestore Externally very rusty and all rods, springs and nuts were replaced and the magneto was beyond repair and another acquired. Internally the bore and piston were in good order. New cart made to dimensions of originals.

Amancothumb2 Amanco Hired Man 2.25 hp SOLD Amanco Hired Man Manufactured early 1914. Petrol.
Amancorestore2 Acquired from a local farm where it had been since purchased from Garners of Melton. All original parts, and old sled with suppliers nameplate, it just needed new bearings pouring some springs and a coat of paint.
IHCThumb IHC Nonpareil 2 hp
IHC Nonpareil
No KG 691. Manufactured 1911. Petrol.

IHCrestore Model KG Farm. An Osborn engine, an IHC engine sold under the Osborn name. There were minor differences from the Famous, a lighter body and slightly smaller fly wheels. This restoration included sleeving of the cylinder bore, skimming the piston and squaring the ring grooves, new valve seats, replacement bearings and numerous nuts, studs and pins.

Ottawathumb Ottawa 2.5 hp SOLD
Ottawa No C30705
Ottawarestore Manufactured circa 1918. Restoration just completed. Piston stuck, rocker arm missing and governor weight broken. Fitted with new home made piston, muffler, fuel tank and crank guard. New cart made to match catalog photo. Refitted with Webster magneto that needed new coils, springs and refurbishing.
Bulldogthumb Bull Dog (Bates & Edmonds) 1.5 hp SOLD bulldog Manufactured circa 1920, number unknown.
Bulldogrestore Re-build included machining flywheels etc. from castings, making crankshaft, mixer and other fittings. Repaired frost cracks in hopper and etching name tag. Bore re-sleeved and piston skimmed, also fitted new rings and spacers and poured new bearings. Finally a Webster ignitor bracket was made photo on left shows all the original parts.
Eaton Thumb T Eaton 1 hp Eaton
No 127,514. Manufactured 1919.
Mogulrestore A Stover V contract engine, Low tension with Webster Tripolar. Fitted with new muffler, fuel tank and governor fittings.

John Deere Thumb John Deere 1.5 hp SOLD John Deere No. 266583. Manufactured 1926. Petrol.

Stoverrestore After fitting new rings and repairing the rocker arm, fuel tank and magneto. New truck made, an exact replica of an original one. Original screen printing preserved under a new coat of yellow paint.
Mogulthumb IHC Mogul 1 hp IHC Mogul No 13364. Manufactured 1916.
Mogulrestore Finished on original cart with repro. Iron work. New muffler, pipe work and a repaint.
Monarch Thumb Monarch 1.75 hp SOLD Monarch No 16690. Manufactured circa 1917-1920. Petrol.
Monarch Restore This is a Nelson engine re-badged and sold through the Royal Engine Co as a Monarch. Restoration included straightening the crankshaft, repairs to the governor weights, a new fuel tank and skid. The Webster magneto was also refurbished and an original style muffler made.

Godwin thumb Godwin Pump Godwin Pump Godwin water pump No 3390
Godwin Restore Shown here after restoration, driven by Stover CT2.
Ingeothumb Ingeco Model AK 2.5 hp SOLD Ingeco No 14173. Manufactured 1915.
Ingeorestore Restored with correct style of muffler, new crank guard and paint scheme. Fitted on a new replica cart /ironwork, matching an old catalog picture.
monitorthumb Baker Monitor VJ, 1 1/4 hp SOLD Monitor
No 38924. Manufactured 1928. Petrol.
Monitor A pumpjack engine. Fitted on original style cart with new battey box and buzz coil. Still with some original paint. Fitted with a Climax pump made in UK but in USA style.

Fuller Thumb Fuller & Johnson 1.5 hp Fuller No 55236. Manufactured 1917.

Fullerrestore Damaged in transit with broken mixer, push rod support and bent ignitor. Restored with new crown to piston, new skid, fuel tank, muffler and crank guard.

Not repainted as still original finish in places and new parts were aged.
Smyth thumb John Smyth Faultless 4.5 hp SOLD Smyth
No 106203. Manufactured 1914.
Smythold old Low tension battery fired engine made by Waterloo Gas Eng. Co. Has been sleeved, gear teeth repaired and rebuilt ignitor. A muffler and a reproduction cart were made.
Economy thumb Economy Mod F, 1 1/2 hp Economy
No 290884. Manufactured 1923. Petrol.
Economy2 Finished with a new fuel tank,fitting of an ignitor bracket and refurbished magneto. Cart made to look like an original. Still some original paint left.

Godwindeepthumb Godwin Deep Well pump SOLD Godwin
Godwin Restore A deep well pump. After repairing damage and fitting new gaskets and packing, a short extension tube with flap valve was made to enable pump to work at shows.
Fairbanks Thumb Fairbanks Morse Mod Z 3 hp SOLD Fairbanks
No 386013. Manufactured 1919.
Low tension with Plug Oscillator. Repainted, with muffler and a reproduction cart.